Internet Broadband Speed Test


What Is An Internet?

The internet is a network of computers that share data, communicate with each other and sometimes do so through wires or wireless connections. Hundreds of thousands computers can communicate with each other through the internet, exchanging data. Different computer services rely on server computers that are permanently connected to the internet and can transfer Gigabytes of information per second.

What Is An Internet Speed Test?

An internet speed test measures the data transfer rate of your internet connection. A computer first finds a nearby server and transfers an MB file between both computers to measure this connection's speed. The result is calculated by the average transfer time, because there are many factors that affect data transfer rates.

Why Should You Check Your Connection Speed?

Checking your internet speed is important because sometimes the promised connection from your ISP may be different from the actual connection. To test if you are really getting what you paid for, use our Internet Speed Test Tool to measure your actual speed. We arranged all ISP by country so you can choose nearest speed test server to your location.

What Does Our Internet Speed Test Tool Offer?

Our speed test tool provides tests on a variety of parameters related to your internet speed. All you need to do is click the start button and our software will automatically download and measure various data points, such as latency, upload/download speeds, jitter etc., without requiring any user input. Once the tests are complete, our tool will tell you which.

Speed Test Results Meaning

The four components of the internet speed test result displayed on the screen are as follows: download speed, upload speed, ping speed, and jitter speed.

How Do I Conduct A Speed Test?

Use one click internet speed test tool on all your devices with our free desktop and mobile apps. Accurate & Fast Internet SpeedTest. To start the internetspeedcheck, click the "start" button and it will launch automatically.

How Can I Find Out What My ISP Is?

Your Internet service provider is found out by using your IP address. Every IP address tells a public, visible story to anyone who knows how to find it; this makes finding the ISP easy in most cases. Our speed test even provides the IP Address (Internet Protocol) and ISP (Internet Service Provider) name.

What Can You Speed Check Through This Test?

Through this internetspeedtest tool, you can check the following things:

  • Internet Broadband Connection Speed Test
  • ADSL / DSL Speed Test
  • Internet Fiber Speed Test
  • Mobile Speed Test / Cellular Speed Test
  • Wireless / Wifi Internet Speed Test

Use speedtest to check speed to examine your current internet speeds. To know more about internet terms, you can read our internet terms wiki.

Latest 20 Speed Test Results

Last Updated On 2023-11-29

Date Country ISP Name Ping Jitter Download Upload
2023-11-29Australia TPG Telecom Limited21744.227.87.77
2023-11-29Australia TPG Telecom Limited2151.1835.33.44
2023-11-29India Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited28617112.60.64
2023-11-29Australia Kacific Broadband Satellites Pte Ltd7934.672.303.15
2023-11-29Namibia Paratus Telecommunications Limited2313.6145.12.88
2023-11-29India Excitel Broadband Private Limited2689.979.6615.7
2023-11-29India Excitel Broadband Private Limited27010.720.914.0
2023-11-29India Thamizhaga Internet Communications Private Limited2303.0933.014.7
2023-11-29 Comcast Cable Communications22.75.3331.625.7
2023-11-29 Comcast Cable Communications20.41.2411.124.4
2023-11-29 Comcast Cable Communications84.087.233.443.0
2023-11-29Netherlands KPN B.V.14782.621.530.9
2023-11-29Brazil Rt ComunicaƧƵes LTDA12567.07.9329.2
2023-11-29Canada TELUS Communications Inc.58.05.2438.835.5
2023-11-29 AT47.133.65.9110.7