About Internetspeedtest.world

The Internetspeedtest.world lets you find out how fast your connection is. Learn more about the different factors that can affect your internet speed and how to measure it. Taking an internet speed test with this tool is quick, easy, and free.

The Internetspeedtest.world is a user-friendly platform that helps you to measure your internet speed, as well as help others by comparing the results from everyone who uses the site. This will help people identify problem areas and encourage ISPs to provide better service for their customers.

How We Calculate Your Network Speed

The process of measuring your connection speed is called a bandwidth test. To do this, we will download and upload small data files that represent data traveling on the internet. The size of those files is typically referred to as the "file size." A determination of how long it takes those packets to travel from our server to yours and back again is called the "round trip time." The file size and your distance from our server will affect how fast your internet speed is, but other factors such as network congestion and traffic might impact it too.

What we measure

Our bandwidth test measures your un-buffered latency and download/upload speeds to locations of our choosing on the internet. The test doesn't measure the speed of your broadband modem, wireless connection, or server speeds. It won't be useful for comparing speeds from different companies, because other factors affect internet connectivity. The difference in speed from place to place is largely a result of how network providers build their infrastructure, and isn't affected by which company you use.

Our Mission

The goal of the Internetspeedtest.world is to provide a fast, easy-to-use service that helps you check your internet connection speed and quality. We strive to distribute accurate and transparent results so that you can use those measurements as an aid when choosing the right internet plan for your needs.