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Are you experiencing slow download speed? Please do a health check of your Internet connection by running our Internet Download Speed Test.

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To take the download speed test of your Internet connections - just click the |start| button, and our test toolkit will start automatically without any interruption.

Download Speed

There are many of us who want to know the detail behind a download speed test or how it works. Lets find out!

Individuals these days are using the internet heavily due to its prevalence. People are able to use it for various reasons such as streaming entertainment through Netflix, socializing and browsing on Social Media or playing games online. The internet is more than just a way to connect with people across the world; it also serves as an entertainment means.

This page can be used to find your Internet download speed. If you are experiencing slower download speeds, try downloading an internet speed test.

What Is The Importance of Checking Download Speed?

Downloading files from the internet can be challenging, but knowing your download speed can help you make sure that the speeds you sign up for are what work best for whatever it is that you need.

Weve detailed all you need to know about download speed, including what it is and how to troubleshoot a slow one.

You can check your download speed online using this free Internet page.

There are many steps you can take to make sure your download speed is as high as possible so that you don’t lose your internet connection. Speeding up the download and upload speeds of a number of devices in order to improve speeds for all devices will also help.

The fact about how we define and measure download speed is then explained.

What Is Download Speed?

The term download speed refers to how quickly one can access content on the internet. The majority of online platforms are designed to grant higher download speeds than upload speeds, so uploading often takes much more time.

Typically, the download speed is higher than the upload for general consumers. As most customers download more information than they upload, it makes sense that this is the case. Scrolling through Instagram or Facebook feeds, reading blog posts or streaming videos are activities that don’t require any uploaded data after initiation. These applications exist independently without interaction and have no

What Is Good Download Speed?

This question arises in almost everyones mind - what is a good downloading speed? Here is the answer to your question. Following are some guidelines to know what can be considered as a good download speed. It is based on various online activities as good download speed varies depending upon the way the individual uses the internet.

2-4 Mbps: If you primarily need an internet connection for your browsing habits, this download speed is enough. It is good if you want to watch a standard or low quality video. However, it will not suffice for downloading videos or streaming high-quality content.

4-6 Mbps: This range of speeds will provide you with a good web experience. It is fast enough to stream high-definition video and good for downloading small videos of up to 20 minutes in length.

6-10 Mbps: For those with download speeds of 6 Mbps to 10 Mbps, an excellent web surfing experience is possible. This fast internet speed is also enough for streaming 1080p HD video.

10-20 Mbps: If you need faster downloads, reliable internet usage experience to stream content, then these routers are best for you.

20+ Mbps: This range has a high capacity and is ideal for those who wish to run a lot of applications at once, especially businesses.

Check your internet speed with this best & fast download speed test tool.

When does download speed matter?

In order to perform the activities mentioned, you’ll need higher bandwidth for downloading than uploading.

Those users who need good upload speed for uploading large video files or they do not choose video conferencing from home due to domestic connections having a better download speed but slower upload speeds may face the issue.

However, fiber internet connections are an exception to this rule. These providers often have symmetrical speeds which means that both download and upload speeds are similar.

How Do Factors Affect Download Speeds?

There are many factors that may be negatively impacting your download speeds. Some of these factors stem from our network, but others are due to outside sources- either way, this free speed check will help you diagnose the problem.

Connection Bandwidth: Home networks usually have an asymmetrical bandwidth, meaning the download and upload speeds differ. Cable internet, for instance, can offer up to 3 mbps download speed while only 600 kbps (or 0.6 mb/s) of upload.

Total Bandwidth Consumption: Sharing network connections (like when you have an |always ON| broadband connection) can slow the speed of downloading or uploading files for other applications. This reduction in speed will happen with chores like video conferencing, streaming music through Wi-Fi speakers, and making voice calls over VoIP software. As you download a file, your internet speeds may slow if you are using the same network to perform other tasks. To solve this issue, close or pause any other activities that require Internet usage until after the download is complete. Once finished downloading, return to those prior activities for optimal speed without interruption.

Internet Service Provider: Internet providers generally provide higher download and upload speeds in their product packages than the actual speeds customers experience. If you are experiencing slower download speed through your Internet connection, contact your ISP for verification of the problem on their end. Never accept a lower internet plan because of slow speeds.

When you are trying to download data at a time when internet usage is high, it means that others around you are also using the network at that specific instant. This causes slower speeds than typical peak-off hours. If you still experience slow internet, it may be an issue with your ISP.

How To Troubleshoot Slow Download Speeds?

If your download speeds are slower than what you are paying for, there may be an issue with your internet service connection. You can check the download speed test with us. Generally, 6-10 Mbps upload speed is a good internet speed to make sure that almost all the online activities function smoothly.

Update the Java version to the latest one and make sure it is up to date. Sometimes an issue with Java prevents some programs from running properly, so you should restart your computer for these cases.

You may have noticed instances in which you experience a faster internet connection on another browser. Sometimes this means your web browser is no longer updated—if it is and you are still experiencing issues, try using an alternate web browser to see if the issue resolves itself.

While one computer may have faster internet speeds than the other, if you run a test for download speed and find that it maybe be slower there is another reason. The problem is likely with your internet connection and not your computer.

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Wireless Networks Versus Wired

Wireless connections in general may experience slower download and upload speeds due to certain flaws that can reduce the speed automatically.

Thus, it is better to use a wired connection. It would be of greater benefit as you can enjoy considerably higher download speeds. It is clear that wired connections have better internet than wireless connections. However, if your workstation cannot accommodate a wired connection, then you might want to go with a wireless connection.


With the number of Internet users rapidly increasing, businesses and people are requiring a higher speed internet connection to perform tasks such as downloading large files or participating in video conferences.

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The download speed test is a website that allows you to see how quickly your internet connection can download data. The site provides an accurate reading and doesnt require any plugins for use, so its a great bandwidth speed test in all browsers. provides detailed statistics on your Internet connection that are not easily found elsewhere. Other tools at, such as the ping test, jitter test, upload test, and DSL speed test may also be of interest to you.

The results of the Internet speed test have been illustrated in such a way that anyone can understand and compare their own internet speed with other users on the same Internet Service Provider. Check your download speeds for free with our best internet download test tool.