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Poor sound quality when playing games and using VoIP can be a sign that something is wrong with your internet connection. Before we discuss what the problem might be, take our free Jitter speed test to see how fast your connection should work.

This free website tool will work for any major web browser without a plugin. The test is simple and quite easy.

How To Do An Online Free Jitter Speed Test?

To find out your Internet connections jitter speed - just click the |start| button and itll start automatically.

If youre unfamiliar with what a jitter test is or its meaning, the following will answer any questions you may have.

Many times you may face problems while performing online activities, and often your internet suffers from poor sound quality - this is because of the jitter speed of your connection.

For superior sound quality, the internet should have a better than jitter speed. Sound quality is more significant for VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services because customers expect that the service will work well.

It is evident from search terms like jitter test and speedtest jitter that the importance of measuring this stat has been on the rise recently.

Basically, a jitter test is the process of finding out if there are delays in your internet connection or not. It also measures the bandwidth and latency time when you send large data streams over a computer network.

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Firstly, check your jitter test with this free jitter click test.

Jitter Test Meaning

Congestion on the internet happens when too many people are trying to access it at once, as packets of information tend to share an IP address. Jitter is caused when different packets on the network take longer than others (usually because theyre farther away from each other).

Latency is the delay in between when a user sends out a request and when they are alerted to their response. Sometimes it takes for example, two packets of information to travel down different routes before reaching the same destination, which causes data rate jitter and high latency.

What Causes Jitter?

The majority of jitter is caused by the constant arrival time difference between a packet and another.

High latency can lead to a poor quality of sound on voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephony, making it difficult to understand the calls.

If packets of data are not transmitted between two computers at equal time intervals, then the time lag will affect a computers processing power.

A rise in latency - or a delay in data transmission - can be due to two things: increased jitter, which refers to the difference between ping time and download speed; or multiple network connections.

Effects of Jitter

The high packet loss that can interfere with your network connection leads to problems like high jitter and packet loss.

Network Congestion: This happens when many users are online and all competing for the same data bandwidth.

Packet Loss: Packet loss is a major issue because when packets are not processed properly, it can lead to data being lost.

Problems Due To Packet Loss

The inconsistent network can then make the video go pixelated and make it hard to watch. A major impact is that if there are any packets lost while playing games, you may skip over some parts of the scene, or get jumped ahead in time.

It can also have an impact on your online activities, like it may interrupt the submission of advertising bids in AdTech. In this case, the company risks not getting a good bid or missing out on simultaneous bidding opportunities that could yield better search results.

You can see the impacts of jitter during VoIP phone calls, leading to poor voice quality and difficulty understanding one another. These are caused by failure in voice data delivery.

How Is Jitter Measured?

There are many ways to measure how jitter your network connection is. Some methods have more accurate results than others. Lets take a look at the different types of measurements and what they entail:

When the endpoint is single: When there is only one endpoint and your network controls it (also called single-ended), then the RTT is measured by averaging the minimum Round-Trip Time and a series of voice packets.

When the network has control over double endpoints: When the two ends of a network connection have control over their respective hardware, instantaneous Jitter can be measured through overall transmission and reception.

Bandwidth Testing

When you experience high jitter and network jitter, know what the level is by running a bandwidth test. can measure the important factors of your internet connection:

  • Download and upload speeds
  • Jitter times
  • Latency

What Is A Good Value For Jitter?

What is considered a good jitter value? An average of 30ms or less for the jitter value is considered good.

A delay between 30 ms and 100 ms is perfect for online gaming or streaming. And packet loss at less than 1% will also work well no matter the direction of your network latency.

How Do You Fix Jitter Issues?

You can check your internet connection jitter level by taking a jitter click test. Some of the main causes of latency are also indications that you might be dealing with a high degree of packet loss and therefore encountering a high number of lost data packets, which lead to significant amounts of lag during gameplay.

There are a number of solutions to combating jitter, reducing it, and preventing it.

Choose A Powerful Router: Its difficult to assess how a router impacts jitter, but be sure to do proper research before purchasing a router. Make sure you check reviews about its performance and see the specification for networking issues.

When it comes to Router plans, there are many high quality routers available on the market today that can reduce jitter and withstand higher bandwidth traffic when you have household usage in mind. Do a research with your local ISP before making any purchase about which router may be best for you.

Replace Wireless Network with Ethernet Cable: If you are wondering how to reduce jitter, then getting a wired connection is the answer. If you only need the internet for normal activities like checking emails or surfing the web, then wireless connections can be enough; but if gaming is your focus, it is best to go with a wired connection.

Many sources lead to interference and may become unruly, which will affect your home network. However, if you are connected over Ethernet instead this major issue can be avoided.

Even if your computer is in a different room, it is better still to use an Ethernet cable for a seamless experience.

Use High-Speed Internet Connection: To alleviate the jitter issue, one can choose a high-speed Internet and avoid slow internet speeds while bandwidth is shared with other people.

To avoid any interruption in your internet usage, make sure to use a fibre-optic broadband connection that has more bandwidth. This solution is ideal for uninterrupted and smooth internet experience. Alternatively, if you decide to switch ISP’s, do your research on the best provider available that can provide a better internet consumption experience.


Feeling regular jitters in your VoIP or PC game? Dont just check download and upload speeds, but do a complete speed test to see if youre experiencing irregularity. Click here to take our free Jitter Speed Test.

Ensure your router has enough capacity and do a study beforehand. Replace your wireless network with an Ethernet cable for high performance. To reduce jitter, combine the software, network infrastructure, and custom routing protocols to effectively give you reliable internet without lagging or high-speed buffering while playing games and streaming videos.

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