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Introduction To Free Ping Speed Test Online

Are you experiencing any leg up on the internet connectivity? You need to do a health check of your Internet Ping Speed Test at this point.

You can easily know your internet ping time by performing this ping speed test. It will give you an elaborate result of your ping time.

This free ping speed test tool will work well in all web browsers without any plugins and is quite easy to use.

How To Do Free Ping Speed Test Online?

To take the free ping speed test of your Internet connections - just click the |start| button, and our test toolkit will start automatically without any interruption.

Our tool will show you the most accurate results. If you find your ping time is about 20 ms or below, then it is great. But if you find your ping time exceeds 150ms, then it will lead to an internet leg.

So the best ping time is 20ms or below for streaming, online gaming and other online activities.

Maybe you have the fastest gaming PC, but if your connection has a slow ping, then your actions would take much longer to perform than what your online peers do, providing you with an interrupted internet connection in this era.

What Can You Check Through This Tool?

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Ping Speed Test Online

You may be wondering what your ping test speed is and how it affects your internet. Here we covered everything you need to know about troubleshooting the problem so that you have a better experience using the internet.

Ping speed or higher ping time is one of the major factors that cause lag while you are playing online games. You will see either the player appears and disappears,or other such interruptions.

Ping tests measure how quickly your internet connection responds to a request. Ping is the measurement of time it takes for data packets from one computer or network node to reach another over the Internet, which in turn determines how fast your internet will be when you use certain features.

Lets see what your internets ping speed is? Check your ping speed test gaming or ping test speed website with us. Lets know more about ping in detail along with the ways to measure ping and also how to reduce ping?

What Is Ping (Packet Internet Gopher)?

Many of us think that the fast internet connection is only dependent on good upload and download speed, but certainly, there is even more to it. There is another factor too i.e. Ping. It can also affect the internet connection speed.

Usually, ping refers to the reaction time - that means time taken to respond to the request made by the user. It is measured in milliseconds (ms). For instance, if your ping time is 78ms, then your computer took to respond to the request made by another computer.

Now, you are familiar with Ping. Then, it is obvious you want a low ping time. Maybe you have seen in several online games that they show you ping time along with the ping time of other players or servers.

Check your Ping time through this free Ping test speed tool. If you find your internet connection is about 140ms or even more, then it will definitely make your internet leg while playing online games. Ping time not only affects your internet speed but also affects the other activities in online gaming, especially when time is very important.

This is why we need to check Ping time. Low ping time is very important for a smooth gaming experience, particularly where the position and response time is everything.

How To Reduce Ping Time?

There are multiple ways to lower one’s internet connection ping time. These include a trial-and-error process, but there is no guarantee they will work.

1) If you’re experiencing a slow wifi connection, try moving your device closer to the router. The lower the distance between it and the router (measured in inches), then the better your connection will be.

2) Heavy bandwidth programs like torrenting services, Netflix, Youtube, or other games can have a severe impact on your ping. If you are running any of these programs in the background then cancel them ahead of time to ensure that they do not slow down your performance when playing Dota 2.

3) When users access the internet through a single router, their total bandwidth is spread out among devices. To resolve this issue, either switch to an Ethernet cable connection or try switching off some of your devices to free up bandwidth.

4)If your modem router has been in prolonged use it may not be performing at its highest capacity. The solution is to include a 30 second power break, and after the break return and experience improved performance from internet service providers (ISP).

5) If you have an old router or modem, then its time to replace it. Upgrading your internet quality by purchasing a new router is wise and will help improve your internet connection in all ways. Be sure to do some research before picking out a specific type of wifi for the best outcome.

6) If your ping time is high—even after following the steps above—then you should upgrade your internet plan to one that offers higher upload and download speeds.

Ping test your internet connection to see whether you need a faster speed, or can wait it out for just a little bit longer.


Usually, a users internet connection plan and user traffic are the reasons behind high ping time. In case you find your ping too much, say 100ms or more than that, then you should definitely try the above-listed methods. These methods may help improve internet strength and performance and decrease the ping in your internet connection.

About Ping Test

The ping speed test is a website dedicated tool to check ping speed tests for the various network connections. This free speed test will work well in all web browsers without any plugins and is quite easy to use. provides exclusive results displaying the statistics about your bandwidth that is rare to find with other speed tests. Check out other test tools of like upload test, jitter test, download speed test, DSL speed test, broadband speed test, latency test, wifi speed test and many more.

The results obtained at the Internet Speed Test have illustrated in such a way that any user can easily understand and possibly compare the results of your network with the other users of the same ISP. Check your ping test with the best and free ping test tool online.